Oh! that feeling of giving love
and in return being loved….
Makes the world seem so good
When no one sulks or does brood.
Sharing joys to all around
and caring for all ….
on this motherly ground .
Trying to feed some hungry stomachs,
Draping spreads over some bare crowns,
Gifting smiles to those with frowns,
Ensuring underprivileged too adorn….
those Graduation gowns.
When education reaches to all children,
And rations provided to all brethren.
Treating all with equality, care, love
be it the downtrodden or privileged.
Praying for peace in the universe…..
And filled be each one’s pocket and purse,
With enough to spare towards…..
Invited or uninvited guest.
Abandoned persons to find their homes,
Families united form loving homes.
Brother birds and animals can freely….
roam without a scare from human race,
That learns love and sheds hateful disgrace.
Cruelty and subjugation is forgotten,
This Valentine becomes universal love season.
With happiness and unity in each heart,
Let’s reform our world with a new birth chart.
Valentine 2017 is now here!
Let’s dissolve away all pain…..
and adorn the beautiful love gear.
Abolishing hurt, hatred , jealousy and anger,
Let’s help raise each other’s living standard.
By loving them unconditionally and wholeheartedly,
Be it any race, religion, color or genetic identity.
All habitants on earth follow one principle,
Of cohabitation in harmony as a discipline.
Mutually respectful are both tutor and disciple,
Love shines through all masculine and feminine.
Oh! That feeling of giving Love..
and in return being loved……
Finds wings of extensions in…..
each life form
helping their souls to a flight of divine elation
and Valentine celebrated each day with…
each and every form of relation.



Published in the Asian Weekly, Edition 338 (10th – 16th Feb 2017)


Republished in The Asian Weekly : Edition 390 (09th to 15th February 2018)

valentine love taw

3 thoughts on “VALENTINE LOVE

  1. Monica
    Thank you dear Monica for reminding us in the advent of Valentine to remind us of the true nature of the day.
    St Valentine is surely smiling.
    At your behest we are, I hope finding wings of extension in every living being.
    A season beyond Purchacing red blooms at outrageous prices.
    Mesmerized by commercial gain.

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  2. Valentine 2017
    My love

    I am your ebb and tide

    I am the beat of your heart
    I am movement in your breath
    I am the tune in your song
    I am the melody in your voice
    I am the string in your lute
    I am the theme of your story
    I am the rain in your cloud
    I am the flow of your river
    I am the the ebb and tide
    I am the wind in your trees
    I am the reason for your smile
    I am the present in your moment

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