You call me mad!



You call me mad my child
But I love you my dear child.
When you tumbled and toddled,
My hands always fondled.
When you injured your little toe
And cried in pain,
I smiled, I cheered you up and comforted.
Hidden from your eyes I cried for your pain
For I felt that pain of your toe in myself.

You call me mad my child
But I love you my dear child.
When you hated me for being strict
And loved your dad and found him loving,
I accepted it with no ill feeling
For it was my love that made me tough
And you saw the trait of me
That acted tough.
But I knew deep inside that I taught you
Persistence and experience of patience.

You call me mad my child
But I love you my dear child.
When you felt rejected and dejected
Happiness from your heart ejected.
I wept silent tears
That bled my heart and soul.
Yet you noticed not once what your mother is
And selfishly went into your quiet
Killing me and labeling me a failure.
Your sorrow was of great significance ,
I forgot my own and cared for you
To be called mad by you.

Yes, if all that I did was mad
Then I am mad my dear child.
If loving you is madness then I am mad.
If caring and nurturing was being insane
Then I am glad I am insane.
All through my crazy frenzy,
I brought up a person so smart
Who proudly declares himself smart,
And has the capacity to declare
Others not so smart.
Did I err then, or do you err now
Who knows what truth doth bestow.

Thank you my child for calling me mad
As today is a day of my recognition.
My blessings to you my child
That may you be a successful parent one day.
May you shower love enough to
Not let your offspring stray.
May you fulfill wishes and not commands
That help your children balanced grow.
May the moment never come in your life
When your child calls you mad, my dear child.
That would be my biggest failure my child
For each parenthood is a lineage
From ones parents and their parenting.


2 thoughts on “You call me mad!

  1. Dear Monica
    I love this line ‘Persistence and experience of patience.’

    Love and madness are oft associated.
    I am madly in love.
    Being in love makes us vulnerable. So to be a mother is vulnerable. I love the way you show how exposed and vulnerable motherhood is!!
    The word DIVANA captures it

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  2. I echo your sentiments, dear Monica. You wtite for all us mothers, as all our children think us crazy at times, if not at all times!
    Little do they know that their turn will come too, as the baton of parenthood is passed on from generation to generation!

    Liked by 1 person

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