REIKI and CANCER CURE (A healer’s dairy)


The Lotus Healing Seva Group visit Faraja Cancer Care once a week and spend time interacting with the Cancer affected and give them Reiki Treatment as part of their Seva ( voluntary service).

Common questions we hear from patients are if Reiki can cure Cancer. I would say a big YES to it as reiki heals away the cancer of worrying, the cancer of fear and the cancer of negative thoughts. It is observed that the above mentioned give rise to illness, hence, by healing them away one moves a step closer to healing/ treating cancer as an ailment.

Reiki practitioners do not claim to cure away any disease or disorder but they add their positive energies to convert the sickness towards healing the person. Having worked as a volunteer from LHSG with several patients at Faraja Cancer Care, Nairobi as a Reiki Practioner I have noticed remarkable changes experienced by the patients. They become calmer, more accepting and gain a positive attitude.

Further to giving Reiki treatments a couple of workshops we conducted about forgiveness helped the patients at a different level. They were able to release the burden of the sentimental negativity and felt lighter. This resulted in their healing at a subtler level and brought abundant smiles that chased away the grief, hatred, regret and anger.

Faraja have always welcomed various alternative healing disciplines and have brought forth a different outlook to the word Hospital.

Monica Gokaldas


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