The Year Begins


The year begins with some beginnings anew
Joys grow abundant and sorrows get few
Happiness stays with you like super glue
May you see success of vibrant tones & hues.

Forget not but the challenges that doth grow
Not always remains bright the sun and it’s glow
Take you some pledges now to save the world
Conserve your environment for the energy flow.

Reuse and recycle to the maximum possible
Waste not the resources you have bountiful
Look back to reflect on those grandma’s days
Using handmade cloth bags holding plentiful.

Discard not much paper and pen now and then
Read and learn and pass on books to brethren
Why did you forget those slates, boards of yore
And cut down the trees for so called education.

Those cushion covers that turned into dusters
Those refillable fountain pens, chalks & dusters
They were meant for us to learn conservation
Let’s remember to avoid wasteful plastic clusters.

Awaken let us all to the need of a new generation
The resources diminishing require the conservation
The Ozone layer and changing weather pattern
Are serious threats to our planet’s protection.

A newness of thoughts going back into older time
When mankind was one and segregation was sublime
Tribalism, casteism and racism is considered crime
We need such energies to belong to mine and thine.

The year begins with some beginnings anew
Love grows abundant and hatred finds few
Unison amongst all beings like Mountain Dew
Clarity of minds becomes like the skies so blue.



In the media : Published as the Poem of the month, JANUARY in The Asian Weekly, Edition 333 (06-12 January)


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