This life my dear, is going a waste
As day after day passes by in haste.
Chores innumerable awaiting results
And the days just end up in disgusts.

An accusation that lacks substance ,
A pilgrimage that severely lacks purpose.
An apology that’s filled with hollowness,
And a pride that’s miserably meaningless.

Life has become an empty extravagance,
With pompous fights against sustenance .
The bluff, the showbiz of all events alone,
Having no ingenuity yet finding a clone.

Life’s little pleasures that filled joy in hearts,
Are now replaced with arrows upon charts.
Happiness is measured as per thy status,
Of financial stability and gimmicks bogus.

The primary pride of parenthood too suffers,
When digitalization covers rhymes with buffers.
The building blocks that fingers held strong,
Are now computerized with a new charm.

Weddings having lost their sanctity are now,
Occasions to merely drink, dance and trance.
Care we no longer for the sacred ceremonies,
Care we for those having bags of monies.

The aged now conspire against their age,
With renewed teeth and darkened false hair.
We appear just forty at the age of eighty,
Botoxed and buffooned our buttocks and bosom.

Discrediting the significance of precious time,
We have shut up our ears to the Godly Chime.
Wasting this life in activities unwanted,
The soul is thus blemished and pigmented.


One thought on “THIS LIFE

  1. Yes indeed what was forbidden yesterday is now banal. The only sanctity is in the heart where authentic love recides.
    Turning inward is our only pool of hope, as the outside glitter is just a sham. Shariffa

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