With a broken body and a bruised soul,

I cry to The Almighty, please listen to,
My plead, and, take me to the other shore.

Pleated and folded under many wraps,
Is my wounded spirit, please give it love,
To make it see the light, it’s crushed to the core.

Writhing and wrestling in painful conditions,
I keep up the smile, awaiting your magical note,
Which shall mend the struggle, the threads that tore.

Yearning for the healing, is my heart and soul,
The falsities have hurt me and lost all the hope,
I pray in earnest to thee, for me open thy door.

I may be a sinner which denying I am not,
Punishment so heavy has injured my each pore,
Have mercy upon me, don’t wait to settle score.

Bleeding are my cells so many that flooded,
Is the atmosphere and gloom is in the air around,
Come bathe me in your antidote and make me pure.


2 thoughts on “MAKE ME PURE

  1. Monica, why such sad cry??? you are a very positive helping person. is there something that has hurt you sooooo badly?
    Love you Monica. bring that your magical smile and give away your pain to me. worried. take care. Jyoti


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