By Monica Gokaldas

LHSG Kenya, Founder Member.


My trip to Dubai got a new meaning when I got to practice Reiki upon some very special children in February. I was planning to go and see my mother for a couple of days on my way back from India to Nairobi. At the same time I wanted to meet and pay my condolence to my Cousin Brother Harry’s family having lost Harry a few months ago. I could sense how disturbing it would be for the wife Ruchi to once again repeat the hurt feeling at having lost her husband. I certainly didn’t want to go and ask her the whys and hows of Harry’s death as it would be too painful for both of us as well as her daughter Mehar. So I decided to pay my condolence the LHSG way by offering to do a seva activity dedicated to the deceased making it my homage to my loving brother Harry who was always very helpful to those in need of moral or medical support.


I learnt from Ruchi that their daughter Mehar had started doing voluntary work at a school where she assisted teachers in teaching the Special Needs Children. I grabbed the opportunity and requested permission via my sister in law Ruchi to enable me go and do Reiki for those children. Luck favored me and the permission was granted on 12/2/16. I was scheduled to arrive in Dubai on 22/2/16 and the Reiki seva was finalized for 24/2/16.


On the eventful day I was given a lift by my sister in law Sheila, a past LHSG member in Dubai. Four of us left together (Sheilu, Ruchi, Mehar and me) for The Elite English School in Dubai. This was the first time ever I was going to lead and conduct a Seva single handed hence I had requested Sheila to help me out. She was a bit hesitant being out of practice but then agreed to do it the way she felt comfortable. W     e reached the school by 9.15 am, way ahead of the 10am time allocated to us. While waiting we familiarized ourselves to the school as Mehar guided us. She introduced us to Ms. Heena Jaising, The Special Educator for the children we were going to meet.

Heena confirmed with me if what I was going to conduct would be safe enough of the children before allowing me to proceed as Ruchi hadn’t briefed her about what therapy would be used. Once I mentioned that Reiki is extremely safe practice and causes no harm whatsoever, she immediately told me that she had learnt Reiki too and had no inhibitions about it. Heena told us that the children under her care were slow learners/autistic/down’s syndrome affected and might not be able to concentrate on what I teach them or talk to them. She suggested I conduct a meditation with them.

I called upon Master Usui’s and my Guru Kamal Tolia’s guidance to conduct the meditation in a way the children could relate to. At 9.45 am we were finally led to the room that was to be the Reiki Workshop for the next two hours. The children were seated on the chairs and their faces were brimming with happiness to see Mehar. They appeared to be very fond of her and hugged her, held her hands and greeted her as Didi (elder sister).  We ladies introduced ourselves to the children and then Heena told them that we were the teachers who will teach meditation.

I was quite surprised at the way the children arranged themselves with little bit of guidance from the teachers. They sat on the chairs placed in a semi circular way. The children who were between the ages 7 to 16 years seemed excited at the mention of meditation. Since I thought it would be better to make it simple and interactive I called upon Master Usui once again along with the LHSG etheric Group to add on their energies along with mine.


Before commencing with the meditation I placed the intention of Reiki to flow through the hands of all children and everyone else present in the room while going through the steps. It involved placing their hands on each part of the body one by one, starting from the Crown Chakra going towards the feet. While I gave instruction Sheila was very helpful in displaying the posture and also correcting their postures. The children were very interactive and took very well to this. To my amazement, they were the ones prompting me for the next part saying, “nose/cheeks/chin etc”. At each position, they repeated after me, “my (body part where the hands were) … I love you”, thrice. Besides that we together (the students and I) discussed the significance of each part of the body.

They were so happy at offering this love to themselves that towards the end they clapped with joy. Then Sheila and I gave them mass healing as the teachers said they might not allow us to place our hands on them or might not be able to sit silently for that frame of time. But with faith in our hearts and blessings from the Almighty we made a beginning with a little girl who had impaired hearing. The teacher, Heena felt at least this one girl should receive the benefits of hands on healing.  Before we knew others were lining up and sitting on the chairs besides mine to get the hands on healing. Sheila once again was a big help as she joined in too.

Together the two of us gave hands on healing to 27 of the 29 children, six teachers and our heroine of the day Mehar Panjabi as she is still grieving over the demise of her father Harry. The children though did not like to settle down quietly, for Reiki stayed calm and smiling while receiving it.


I give a very big gratitude to my Guru, Kamal Tolia for instilling these noble thoughts of seva in me on occasions happy or sad, celebrations or grievances, seen or unseen. I give my gratitude to the management and teachers of the Elite English School, Dubai for permitting me to conduct this workshop, it being a very humbling experience.  Mehar Panjabi in particular deserves very big thanks for making it possible.  Finally I thank my pillar of strength, my sisters at Lotus Healing Seva Group, who added their energies and wished me success at this workshop.

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