ROAD TO RECOVERY (A healer’s dairy)

Road to recovery

Enough, Oh! Enough of the suffering
A niche of well being I am carving
With a lot of effort and determination
Fading away pains in their pigmentation
The right diagnosis, comes forward
I will fight and not be a coward
Taking steps of determination
Chopping illness by segmentation
With Reiki Healing by my side
LHSG is my belonging and my pride
I once felt like a fallen leaf
But they brightened me to my rosy pink
Thy lovely energies my Lotus sisters
Scare all negativity and give it jitters
Glowing light it fills inside me
In seva when I come and join thee
I bow down in utter Gratitude
So forgiving is your attitude
In helping others you get a glee
Suffering of others you cannot see
Physically I may have suffered
Your caring hands but have buffered
My soul now lives in thankfulness
You nurtured me to a wholeness
I retraced as a healer my identity
My road to recovery in all sanctity.


Above words to express Sikiladi’s gratitude towards her support group of healers.


The following is an account of the Reiki activity conducted at the Old Age Home which was conducted in October 2015. This write up was published on the LHSG website.


by Monica Gokaldas LHSG Kenya

Everything that I need is before me.
Alas! I know not how to receive it.
The way to receive is, – to give.
Give what you have and you will get what you need!
These words by the great spiritual Master Sadhu Vaswani turned true for me
very recently.
The date: 15/10/15, Thursday
The venue: Nyumba ya Wazee, Little Sisters of the Poor,Kasarani The
occasion: Celebrating 10th Anniversary of the existence of the Lotus Healing
Seva Group.
The date was finalized on the 1st day of August when I went to this Home for
the Aged, with a donation of Eye Medicines on behalf of LHSG along with my
daughter Harleen. We met Sr. Anthony there and handed over the medicines.
Talking about the several illnesses and ailments suffered by the elderly in
this Home and the challenges they face in procuring medicines the sister
mentioned that the last time the group visited them to give Reiki while
conducting an Eye Camp, they felt very good for some time.
Harleen and I immediately decided to call up Kamal to ask if we could book a
date in October to go and give healing to the elderly as part of our
Anniversary celebration.

Early in August, I had not perceived that I would be going through
challenges with my own health which might leave a question mark to my being
part of the group that goes there for the seva. As they say, “where there’s
a will, there’s a way”. Two days prior to the Seva, I wasn’t doing so well.
Then on the 14th I was in much pain but determined to go and be of some
service to the elderly. For me the auspicious Nine day festivity period on
our Hindu Calendar meant my own dedication to spirituality and seva rather
than going to the temple to please others by my presence as a formality. I
had a task of proving it to myself by doing the seva.

On the morning of 15th I was all excited and in the spirit of seva. Having
done my session of physiotherapy I moved towards Kasarani. Once there, my
heart bloomed at seeing all group members in their purple tops so
affectionately giving Reiki treatments. Without wasting much time, I just
began with an elderly gentleman. That’s when I realized that I hadn’t even
bothered to go and greet Kamal, but then, that was not what I had come there

The moment I placed my hands on this man, I felt a release of sorts from
within me. It felt so good to be doing this seva after a few months of being
away that my soul felt uplifted. The Mzee (in my excitement I forgot to ask
his name) kept saying something in Kiswahili but I couldn’t understand. I
just knew that he was enjoying the healing and felt the warmth from my
hands. It was a feeling like never before. Though I am not a new healer, but
having done some seva after a break, gave me back my identity of being my
true self, a healer. I asked Grace to communicate with him and she explained
to him what Reiki was when he mentioned that he felt warmth from you hands.
Then he started showing me his problem areas and guided me to give reiki in
those areas. He suggested that his legs were fine and I need not give Reiki
there. I felt so very grateful to the powers of Reiki that a person getting
it could be that wise about receiving it in the right direction.

Very few among us get the opportunity to serve the elderly in this manner.
It was a unique experience for the entire group. After having done reiki on
all the elderly, we gave healing to the Sisters who run the Home and all the
workers over there. It was a very fulfilling seva.

We got opportunity to give Reiki to the 95 year old Sister Louise who was on
the wheelchair. While giving her healing on one of her knees, I silently
asked for forgiveness from her and that was a moment of realization for me.
At that moment I was guided to ask forgiveness from all those, who have knee
and leg problems, those who walk with a limp, those who are imbalanced and
in my childhood in my innocence I might have made fun of them. I don’t
remember anyone in particular but I know that in childhood I did laugh at
people who couldn’t walk straight. I asked forgiveness from all such people
in the world for their condition and for not having understood their pain.

I felt super charged after completing the seva event. Kamal and Grace were a
bit concerned ref my health but I assured them that I was very fine. I know
my limitations with my health conditions but whenever an opportunity
strikes, I would love to be in my Healer Shoes again and again and be
grateful to the society in my own way.

It would be selfish of me to not acknowledge the entire LHSG group for
always being with me in my trying times and making me see the daylight of my
dark nights. Without the support of LHSG I would not be standing upright as
I am today.

P.S. Sr. Louise in the picture above passed on recently and I feel immense gratitude at being allowed to give her that touch healing and more recently procuring the last set of medicines for her as ordered by Mother Brigid of the Home.

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