Planting a tree is not just an activity. It is a sacred ceremony of nature.

Planting a tree is done with love in the heart. It is an act that is very Divine.


Dig the soil out to make that hollow but with an apology to Mother Earth,

For you disturb her in her quite restful atmosphere—-

Asking for Forgiveness with Love in your heart, dig out the soil that you step upon

Place your hands with healing and apology and all that love into the hollow,

Place the plant, the sapling, the mini tree that you wish to plant into the hollow.

The hollow that appears a hollow but is full of life for creatures innumerable,

That breed, and feast, and live their life in that very special soil that you dug.


While placing the plant say the Holy name and chant the chant of  Aum Shanti

If that is what pleases your heart, then let be the mantra to chant again and again.

If that not be the magic chant to ooze the love and divinity from your heart,

Be free to chant the name Divine in a way that resonates with you and your faith.

Shower your love straight on to the plant that you wish to plant and bless—

If a blesser or a healer you be, or else just love it with your loving heart instead.


Then cover it with the soil,  that affectionate gem of Mother Earth that you dug out,

And with your bare hands push it back into the hollow that is now to be filled.

Needless to say, that whatever you do, do it with all your unconditional love,

Filling the pocket of your mother, a mother to all, our precious Earth.

Fill it back with her content that you pulled out from within her and more,

For years and years and lifetimes many that she nurtured you and yours.


Once filled in, very fondly pat it to even it out with a gentle firmness,

Using your bare hands throughout that vibrate your love into the soil.

Hold your hands in cupped fashion, maneuvering the water with affection,

pouring over the newly planted, love of your life, with a chanting notion.

Speaking to the Earth and the Plant that it holds in its womb now,

your loving notes and magical words for your beloved Earth, your Keeper.


Having accomplished this ritual as a sacred act, you have turned so noble,

A mundane chore of planting, you turned it an act so very Divine.

The least that you could do as a return gift to the Mother you rely upon,

You cherish her fruits for ever and ever, but do not forget your endeavor,

Of fulfilling the need of giving back, O man! high time that you became clever.


The deed remains yet undone, if forgotten have you to care again in turn,

So visit the plant again and again, to Water it with your Mantra clad hands,

That bestow your affection to some extent, upon the plant that has to tree.

Care for it, Water upon it, condition it with your loving statements,

And see it grow to its full form and watch it grow and gain some height.


When the tree stands upright, sturdy and strong and gives you its shade,

Then you know, it is now time to let it enjoy its freedom and let go.

For nothing on Earth belongs to thee, for you came on it with hands free,

So learn to let go of it as a possession, and live in peace, provide protection.



The following is an account of the experience from a Tree Planting at a slum area of Nairobi where the children were taught Tree Planting as a sacred ceremony chanting the mantras. This is dated back to 2014.  .



Thanks and congratulations on the successful completion of the tree planting Seva Activity. The Tree Planting in the slum environs was a spiritual experience for me. It is very gratifying to do such a Seva during the auspicious period of the Navratri Festival. I felt that there is no need to follow the old practice of feeding girls on Durga Ashtmi as I dedicated today’s Seva to the Divine Mother by serving and honoring Mother Earth. The significance is immense: 1. By planting trees we are helping the environs and the atmosphere. 2. We taught a valuable lesson to Kenya’s future, the children who make our country. 3. A good deed done in the form of an offering to mark the Beginning of the 9th Anniversary of LHSG. 4. We worship 9 forms of Mother Goddess during this nine day festival. I took it as each tree to be symbolic of one form and our dedication to her. The tenth tree was symbolic of Mother Earth herself. That is the best form of prayer or offering. 5. Instead of simply feeding the girls on the eighth day of Navratri I felt this is a better thing to do during such occasions. The food is eaten and forgotten but the trees will remain to provide shade and comfort for long. The children were very good and very enthusiastic as well. It felt very good to see that they have been practicing Reiki and remembered the Reiki way of planting trees. Love and Light Monica


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