LHSG at Westgate pre opening (A healer’s dairy)

Monica (Kenya, Thursday)…


26th May dawned upon me as a challenge. I say Challenge as this was an opportunity for us healers to transform an area from fear to being fruitful, from darkness to light, from bitterness to sweetness, from hatred to love and from being dreadful to become a welcoming area.

It was a task for me to get into the mall a day before the actual healing, as this time I was alone, to be led by an askari through the dreary back passage towards the management office to fine tune the healing session for the next morning. It felt eerie, sullen and heavy but I wasn’t scared. I knew I am there for a purpose and I have to be strong mentally and emotionally.

On the morning of 26th as I went it, I felt I had conquered half the battle, as I was full of energy unlike the very serious looking group of ladies from LHSG. Each one of them had a sense of heaviness very evident on their faces as they entered and I just knew that it would soon be altered for the powerful healing energy each one possessed within them would take a turn within minutes.

As we settled in into a circle by 10.05 am, with a most beautiful Altar set up by Cooky, Priya, Sheela and Rashmeen we commenced with chantings of Hanuman Chalisa, Gayatri Mantra, Mool Mantra (Ek Om Kar…) The healings were yet to begin as some International Group members as well as some others from Kenya Group were to join us etherically at 10.30 am, Kenya time. While chanting, I saw an unborn child who came to receive healing. The child told me that He couldn’t take birth as his mother was killed at the incident which occurred at the mall. Later Leah, who had joined us for the session along with Daniel from the WG management team, informed that indeed there were two pregnant women who were killed on the unfateful day.

At 10.30 am we commenced the healing with the instructions that were very thoughtfully charted out by our Guru Kamal Tolia. We progressed gradually from one step to another, each one of us with our own experiences which were our own yet in unison. Since the Healing for Westgate affected was extended in purpose to other terrorist attacks across the world in the past two years I felt the pain of Garissa University victims, the fear of the Pakistan School Children who were killed, and the agony of their parents along with the survivors of and the  souls of Westgate victims. There were different sentiments time to time during the course of healing.

In barely fifteen minutes of beginning the healing, the dense and hollow feelings were turning into lightness and love feelings. It was an outpour of Love oozing out from my heart and spreading everywhere. Oblivious of the noises of the construction workers around us, the whole group focused on the intensity of Reiki unhindered. I felt the Fingers of the Buddha Idol placed on the Altar moving, as if patting someone. The bowl in the hands of Buddha appeared to me as a skull at one time and again when I looked at it after few minutes, it appeared like a fruit.

I felt surrounded by a lot of children at one instance. They all wanted to be hugged and loved. They were fearful. My heart melted at that vision and I suddenly felt I was hugging each one of them in a group hug and that I was larger in form than I am. Those kids surely needed lot of healing. I could not make out if they were the children who were killed at Westgate or the children killed in Pakistan or the children who survived having witnessed any of the terrorist acts. All I knew was that they needed healing and we were all there doing our bit.

Then suddenly I saw Pope John Paul II standing near the Altar and he blessed all of us and went. That felt very good. A lot of souls appeared at intervals and took lot of healing. The air around felt much more peaceful by 12 noon. The two hours were the very  useful two hours of my life as they were used in the service of Mankind at large – by helping the hurt souls, by healing the hurt survivors, by helping the witness of these massacres, by helping the affected families via the powerful tool of Reiki.

At noon we conducted our closing prayers and then proceeded to a tour of the various parts of the mall led by Leah. It was amazing how each one of us, was so engrossed in chanting throughout our movement from one area to another, sprinkling the healing water everywhere. None of us were fascinated by moving around to see what was coming up at which part of the mall. What caught our attention most was, which areas were affected (where someone was killed, trapped, hiding etc) at the time of attack and we healed all those areas and even sprinkled the holy water over there. It was a very moving experience for all of us as we were being led from one area to another including the car parks.

Having done this Seva, I felt very humble and gratified at being giving this opportunity. Indeed we are privileged to be given this chance for our own maturity as healers guided by our Guru.


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