LHSG Wesak Meditation 2015 (A healer’s dairy)



They say where there is a will there is a way. The saying felt so true, when I finally reached Cooky’s house on the 4th for the meditation against all odds. The driver turned up very late and I couldn’t leave in my own car. My Husband Haresh offered to drop me off and in the process skipped going to the gym. Meanwhile Shalini called me that her Husband Vijay had left for work early to make provision for her to attend the meditation. She said I could join her in her car.

As we reached at Cooky’s house, I was full of gratitude to the Universe, that I could join my Lotus sisters at the venue. Cooky had very creatively set up The Altar at the centre of the pyramid shaped glass roof. The sun rays had a magical effect as they played hide and seek with us. I couldn’t have imagined a better place to do the meditation.


The meditation conducted under the guidance of our Guru Kamal flowed in very smoothly as we all followed the steps one by step.  Although I had done this meditation with her three years ago, and since then haven’t heard the CD, as I had been doing it from memory for past two years, it felt very familiar. I felt the presence of a lot of higher beings, felt the strong yet serene energy pervading me inside and outside. Each higher being entered with a different coloured light enthused channel through the same dimension.

I experienced all that was mentioned in the meditation CD and also saw a lot of images emerging and merging into each other to become the ONE.  A variety of forms made their presence felt and became the Buddha. The Buddha multiplied into many Buddhas all of whom were Golden and then they all became one. The Buddha would suddenly be sleeping, be floating, be sitting in Gasho, be placing his Hand over me to bless me. All that seemed to happen instantaneous within a flick of a second. I felt Iwas floating and going all over the valley and the hills around, moving in all directions and observing many groups of beings, groups of people as well groups of horses, elephants, birds etc.

When Kwan Yin was about to emerge, I felt the subdued hues of Pink all over the room. Kwan Yin turned into Tara into Goddess Saraswati into Durga Mata. It felt like a collective female God energy. As Lord Shiva appeared the energies started moving in a vortex all over the room and this energy was a super charged energy.

At one instance, I heard the unspoken word from Buddha, “Monica, you are now pregnant. Pregnant with the Knowledge, you have to give it birth.” I really cannot figure out what it meant and what am I supposed to do. The CD stopped and Kamal told us to bilocate back to the room from the Wesak Valley, so reluctantly I returned back.

The Effect:

The calm and peace within was great as with any meditation. Sitting with the group, it felt much more energetic and the vibrations were very soothing.

Although I could not maintain a total silence as I had a series of meeting lined up for the day, I did manage to speak less and listen more. I felt very energetic the whole day, despite my usual aches and pains. I felt like I was on a high.

Beyond all else, the feeling of oneness with my outer self and my inner self and the disconnected connection with the wordly matter gives me much pleasure and satisfaction now.

Monica Gokaldas

This write up was published as an experience on the LHSG website as shown on the link.

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