From the silken garment of life,
Emerged the threads of unrest.
Undoing the button of desires,
Widening the buttonhole of

Aspirations that touch the widespread sky,
In freedom the spirit wants to soar and fly.
The pocket of control gets dis seemed,
Burdened by the hatred, hurt and anger.

The anger that has withered the finesse ,
Of the silken fabric clad this life essence.
Loosening the stitched fitness of the tape,
Of the soul that was once love beyond age.

The love that once spelt simple pure delight,
Of happiness in the fabric’s stretchy might.
Tailored to custom provide the best fit ever,
Sometimes for justice sadly cries in plight.

The justice of the soul’s nurturing care,
Which shines cladded or be it just bare.
Equality for all in every essence of life,
The joy of freedom and giving no care.

The freedom from the noose like tight grip,
Of earthly life and suffocating relationships.
The suffering awful and the pain immense,
As the spirit stretches peeping from fabric.

The unrest of the spirit and the soul,
Wanting to tear this silken smooth robe.
It’s so restricting measured colored threads,
Tapering off at beloved’s call rare obscure.

The beloved who is at the shore ultimate,
The bonding is yet to clasp ‘n’ culminate.
The Craving soul shall thus finally migrate,
With you Almighty to be oh so intimate.

The intimacy of the soul to Almighty,
The end of journey of this life garment.
A welcoming baring of the hidden spirit,
Undisguised unhindered new Liberation.

A Liberation that is pretty much awaited,
Undoing the strong gripped garment abated.
From its seems and all the edge hemming,
Moving on towards the path well lighted.
The path that’s shone with a golden light,
In its Godly fragrance giving much respite.
The passage narrow widening gradually,
With springs Angelic and lawns all divine.

The angelic melodies uncomplicated,
The soul so untouched yet so satiated.
With a mesmerizing air filled atmosphere,
And garments and fabrics are nowhere.


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