TAGS (A healer’s dairy)

Monica Gokaldas …..

Their faces oh so sad

Their eyes oh so lonely

Their voices oh so silent

Their spirits oh so cold

The girls at the TAGS

Shook up all emotions

The suffering must have

Been oh so terrible

That silenced them in

their youthful playful age

The trauma unspoken

Speaks through the eyes

The vacant corner in the heart

Must have shed oh so dry tears

Fortunate indeed we are

With love and light shared

By our bare powered hands

Trying to heal the girls there

Wounded past rubbing shoulders

With their promising present & future

Reiki gives solace to some

While some shy to acknowledge

The healing powers showered

Upon the dampened ambitions

I wish, I hope, I target their smiles

Dreaming of their happiness & joy

Their toes twisting to music notes

Swirling in a dance, step by step

The day when they shall not be shy

And will voice their thoughts in words.

Accept challenges and gain that

Much needed courageous outlook.

Turn the negative into positive

Educated, Empowered, Enhanced

Emotions flowing and healing hurts

LHSG supporting by their side

Touching life by touching lives.

Sharing and caring is celebrating

Makar Sankranti gets new meaning.

The Poem depicts the feelings experienced while giving Reiki Touch Healing to the Raped/Abused/Abandoned girls at the Talia Agler Girls Shelter,Nairobi on 13/1/16.

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