The Valentine Poem as published in The Asian Weekly, Valentine issue 12feb-18feb2016 ,Edition 286.  www.theasianweekly.netimage


Emerging from the closets
Of the Claudius clad Rome
Came the silent whiff of love
Oozing hidden behind bars

Not him who wept silently in pain
He knew crying gave none any gain
Instead he sprinkled the Love rain
And rode the happiness fast train

Valentine was the precious saint’s name
Who thought cruelty was a big shame
Adorning his lips with constant smiles
He played Love notes like a kids game

The trail of the third century faded and rose
The day when Valentine from earth arose
The month of February dated fourteenth
He shed his earthly appearance to death

The tradition became a norm henceforth
Uniting couples in love comes henceforth
Love conquers despair and the dull gloom
It fills the air with red roses in Full bloom

Exchanging the redness of pure flower love
Brings peace to the hearts akin the calm dove
The chambers of hearts of ladies and men
Flattering flutters of the greetings hearken

The time is now to spread this a wee bit further
Expand the love, let it grow like bacteria culture
Limit it not just to thy spouse or be it your lover
Try Sharing it for once with those that misery suffer

Become a Valentine in your own grapevine
Wipe some tears, pick up their woes of grime
If not for ever, just do it for this day so divine
In memory of the Saint who shone as sunshine

He lived to bring the joy of love so abundant
That makes mankind’s hatred go redundant
Bringing the smiles to woeful people silent
By conquering pain with love was his talent

For is this not the lesson he came and brought
Pope John Paul, Benedict, Pope Francis all taught
Guru Nanak, Prophet Mohamed, Krishna and Ram
The message they gave have we not yet so caught


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