The lone tree from the window
Standing tall, a wee bit sturdy
An adventure sport it be for them
The buzzing bees so very often
Buzzing up into the bark so hollow
Escaping danger somewhat shallow
Crawling down all in a single file
Resting on the trunk for a while
Gazing at this busy lifestyle
Brings admiration with a big smile
The sparrows and the little birds
Come pay a visit once in a while
Swinging on the branches nifty
Taking their flight very swiftly
A daily routine of their chirpy life
Birdlings, hubby bird and the wife
The green of the leafy airy sort
Gives them a cool comfort spot
Keeping the little ones tucked in safe
Gathering morsels from place to place
The lone tall tree from the window
A nursery where the tiny birds grow
The occasional visits by the butterfly
Add bright colours to the tree so shy
Dull and dreary with the dark skyline
The flying beauty adds it’s pretty shine
And then there comes the mighty hawk
Who rules the tree in all its squack
Sitting atop the peak of the tree
Boasting of its beak with roaring spree
His royal majesty has perched on the throne
But besides the window it’s pretty alone
The garden seems a far destination
For the tree it’s just a fascination
Comfort giver to the tiny and Bold
It is gradually gaining years of old
With no one to hear him like a mate
Oh! What a shame, to his sad fate
All his stories of lone shall remain untold
Staying under wraps in the heart fold
Yet his sturdy might reaches to the sky
Stretching out to chat with the sky
But the clouds come to cloud his say
And loneliness alone comes his way
In all strangeness plans get altered
The itsy witsy spider alights unfaltered
Upon the trunk and spins it’s magic
Rotates around the tree who is tragic
A bond of love nurtures with legs eightfold
None of the tales of yore now untold
With each spin reaching a greater height
The tree has a friend much to delight
Together they seek the belovedship
Which many a beings gave a skip


The lone tree is a very real lone tree visible from my window. I often communicate with it, try to hear it’s unspoken pleasures and sorrows. It is painfully surrounded with concrete and the only movement it experiences is the cars that are parked around it. Vastly ignored by us humans, the other creatures of being provide some company to it out of their own needs. Do let me know if it makes you dwell within and think twice about how many such trees are not given a thought in all habitats. Your comments would provide deeper insights to such sightings.

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