Oh! This suffering, and the pain

Wonder if this shall be of any gain
The clouds above are calm and quiet
Yet my eyes are filled with rain

Gazing the sky, sitting on the sill
Grief in my heart grows as a hill
Yet in acceptance of it I live
For that must be your divine will

Forgive all and fake a smile
Let not the hatred build a pile
Look for blessings at each step
Express gratitude at each mile

Be life like dry blade of grass
Let no regret gather mass
Each cloud comes with silver ends
This tough period too shall pass

Friends once now may turn cold
No one is ever made of gold
Discard frets and fumes of life
Or else you may grow untimely old

Kindle the wisdom don’t be shy
Spread your love like a sky
Enlighten your inner self
Thus the heart shall never be dry

The suffering and all the pain
My dear never goes in vain
Lessons are meant to be learnt
Nurture the grain of thy brain.


2 thoughts on “PAIN

  1. Beautifully written and indeed so true … For pain teaches a lot in life … And for sure shows the truth of it …


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