Nature’s Trail (79)

Magnitude of Quietude! A serene walkway amidst the Karura Forest, Nairobi. A unique feature of a forest within the city. Every time I visit Karura Forest I cannot help but think about The Late Professor Wangari Mathai who won the Nobel Prize for all her efforts at saving, protecting the conservation of the forest. Sikiladi

Only One Earth! Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 613,( 3rd to 9th June,2022) to mark World Environment Day The world is coming to a standstillOur Ecosystem on degradation sillAwaken, arise all in togethernessGive the environment an upscale bill We have tasks aplenty to accomplishTo make our surroundings flourishLet’s conserve the Earth habitatBy not being greedy & … Continue reading Only One Earth!

GenerationRestoration : World Environment Day #GenerationRestoration A nurturer becoming a sufferer Pollution being  nature’s cancerWeighing heavy on its shoulders The dirt, grime and toxic slime Having committed immeasurable crime And engaging the grandeur sublimeWe the human race have blundered Nature’s abundant bounty plunderedDepleting, degrading own environment Thoughtless deeds causing detrimentGreed of our creed insatiable undeniable Carbonized environment hence unavoidable Imperative is precious Nature’s … Continue reading GenerationRestoration : World Environment Day