Only One Earth!

Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 613,( 3rd to 9th June,2022) to mark World Environment Day

The world is coming to a standstill
Our Ecosystem on degradation sill
Awaken, arise all in togetherness
Give the environment an upscale bill

We have tasks aplenty to accomplish
To make our surroundings flourish
Let’s conserve the Earth habitat
By not being greedy & being unselfish

We withhold an important responsibility
Towards ‘Only One Earth’s’ sustainability
By engaging in growing trees & greening cities
Rewilding the gardens with adaptability

Preventing, halting & reversing in effort
The degrading ecosystem needs to convert
Combatting climate change worldwide
Altering mass extinctions, healing Earth’s hurt

Beautiful Mother Nature is on emergency mode
Let’s make amends, cover it with green coat

Protection of biodiversity as our mandate
Reduce pollution to turn Earth to breathable abode

Buying only sustainable products & conservation
And changing our diets with conscious observation
Appreciate Forests, farmlands, grasslands & Savannahs
Protect wildlife, birds & bees & enhanced pollination

Conservation efforts of significance utmost
Unpolluted the rivers, lakes, oceans and the coasts
Towns, cities, wetlands and mountains all around
Pleading for our Ecosystem Restoration boasts


Published in The Asian Weekly to mark the World Environment Day 2022

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