GenerationRestoration : World Environment Day


A nurturer becoming a sufferer
Pollution being  nature’s cancer

Weighing heavy on its shoulders
The dirt, grime and toxic slime 

Having committed immeasurable crime
And engaging the grandeur sublime

We the human race have blundered
Nature’s abundant bounty plundered

Depleting, degrading own environment 
Thoughtless deeds causing detriment

Greed of our creed insatiable undeniable 
Carbonized environment hence unavoidable 

Imperative is precious Nature’s restoration 
And liberate the atmosphere from suffocation 

Being aware of our consumption & production
Industrial waste that is causing chemical action

The waters of the world now need attention
Mass filtration unfeasible, so avoid pollution

Pause all the plundering to start protecting
Recreate, reimagine, re-enforce restoring

Our abuse uncontrollable putting us in danger
The World cannot sustain, beware the endanger 

Disappearing fresh water & missing ecosystems
Lack of waste management all alarm bell equations 

Our lifestyle decisions impacting our environment
 We play a vital role in protecting from degradation

Accept the challenge of being #GenerationRestoration
 Put in efforts, plan for future of Nature’s conservation

Destroying habitats, plundering mercilessly has effects
Encroaching space of the wild, worth pondering projects

Causing altered rain pattern, deforestation & bare lands
Enhanced forest fires leading to reduced oxygen strengths

Let’s learn to act and adapt #ForNature and conserve
Reimagine our future as sweet and fresh as a preserve

Let’s hold our own reigns, and constrict the indulgence
Build a purer relation by healing the Nature from sufferance 

Put ecosystem restoration into practice as a priority 
Adapt old ways of reusing, apply recycling a commodity 

Shifting behaviors can lead us to a healthier atmosphere 
Clearer skies, purer water  and rejuvenating  fresh  air. 

By Sikiladi 

Published in The Asian Weekly to Mark the World Environment Day. Edition 561 (Jun 04 -10, 2021)




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