Death is inevitable but does it have to mean suffering. Affected by the unhygienic conditions prevalent in on of the bigger hospitals in India I have penned these sentiments. Losing a mother is punishment enough for anyone but for me it was a torture to see my mother being handled by unethical morals of the nursing staff and doctors. Sikiladi


Drought is a painful experience in any country. However, there can be extremes within a country. Over half of Kenya's counties are affected by drought due to failed rains in 2016. Can the other half of the country remain unaffected by the hunger of their brethren?

The Old Age

Sitting in the lawn with unappreciative surround Of the various shades of green that bound around Reflecting their vacant thoughts of God knows what within the mind frame. Their pain, their agony of sullen loneliness In this ripe age of less mobility and solitude.