An Ode to Ashish!

Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 614 ( June 10th to 16th, 2022)

A dream fulfilled

With a life half lived!

He has taken his final bow

Pulling down the curtains low

Reaching out to households                                                              

Bringing messages to society

His soft words uttered less

He bid goodbye and just left!

Creating the Asian Media content

He entered scribe world God sent

Beholding a smile so subtle

And a personality very calm

He had aspirations to reach out

By bringing out a cultural clout

A quiet hard worker like a bee

His freedom gave him final glee

Bearing illness, staying fearless

Ashish stayed put and spoke less

We lost a gem among gems

The Asian weekly’s garment lost its hem

Bidding Adieu was never so disheartening

Ashish Patel has left sad emotions running

Sikiladi prays in earnest for a dear friend

To attain sadgati as his play comes to end


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