Samuhik Shraadh Tarpan

Samuhik Shraadh Tarpan at SSDS 

By Sikiladi 

Sarva Pitra Amavasya was marked by Ayodhya Foundation at Shree Sanatan Dharam Mandir, Nairobi on Sunday, 25th September before mid-morning. Nearly 50 men, women and a few youngsters collectively performed a Samuhik Shraadh Tarpan not only of their family ancestors but also for several thousands of Hindu ancestors who lost their lives in their efforts to protect Bharat Mata and their Hindu Dharma over the many centuries of invasions and attacks.

The ceremony organized by Ayodhya Foundation’s representative in Kenya- Monica Gokaldas was performed at the Yagyashaala of the temple supported by friends Anju Mullick and Anju Sahni under the guidance of the head priest Pandit Pradyumanji. 

Monica and Kamal Tolia gave a brief talk about the various reasons for honoring the Hindu souls who sacrificed their lives for the sake of religion as they chose death over forceful conversions to other faiths and gave their lives to protect their country on documented and undocumented occasions and how the forceful conversions and attacks are prevalent in our present times as well.

Pandit ji explained the significance of this ritual and very systematically led everyone through various steps towards paying homage to the forefathers who gifted us with our present day honorable lives. 

Meanwhile in India similar collective ceremonies were conducted the same day under the flag of Ayodhya Foundation at the banks of River Ganga in various cities such as Ujjain, Onkareshwar, Haridwar,  Amarkantak,Chhatisgarh, Himmat Nagar(Gujrat),Bithoor,Kashi,Himachal Pradesh regions(Chamba,Kangra,Paota Sahib, Yamuna Banks, Vyas Banks, Sutlej Banks)

Media :

Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 630 ( 30th September to 6th October 2022)

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