Soul’s Hooks!

Some say God is there

Some say God is here

Some say God is everywhere

Each to his own belief

Some look up to Him in the sky

Some Search in places of worship

Some Find God within themselves

Some say he doesn’t exist

It is their faith or non-faith

A Gurmukh says God is in you and me

Blessed are we with Nirankar’s prism

That reflects Divine in each being

The Faith that comes with experiences

Of facing challenges and grievances

Yet being uplifted each time we fall

Satguru’s grace befalls as timely call

No mystery how the Devotion begins

When synchronicity of Faith blossoms

When Guru’s gyan appears your lineage

Ishwar, Allah seem as close as your cousins

Yet you must evaluate yourself

For the divine in you is He himself

Your devotion frees you from subjugation

Uplifting your core to untying oneself

The faith that leads your pious path

Whether you worship a symbol or a sign

Whether you worship persons of divine design

Strengthens your soul akin a cleansing bath

Satguru has blessed us with unanimous outlook

Devotion is not merely captured in the books

It comes from the heart resulting in joyful bliss

with beings & Nature being soul’s hooks


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