Valentine Love (2)

Valentine Love

By Sikiladi

The season of fairytale love

Every heart’s hidden treasure trove

Jubilation found as a couple conjugation


14th February is universal day of love

Boys and girls go fun dating

Pockets run through major spending

Chocolates add sweetness of chirpy charm


The Red of Roses for hearts feels warm

Humanity with all love was created

Wonder then, how love is celebrated

Just for a single mark on calendar day


Each day you emit love when you pray

Unbound by conditions it breathes

Crossing borders of hate it entreats

Beyond human features and norms

It thrives

Towards all creatures & life forms

The Valentine Love is a pure energy

When rich and poor find a synergy

Unconditionally you care for others


Gift precious hours in care of another’s

Brother birds and animals need love

The tiny and towering greens need love

Mother Earth awaits the big love dove


Universal kinship is wanted over and above

This Valentine Day let’s spread some cheer

Share milk with the hungry before having beer

Repair an elderly’s sentiments from the hurt tear


Honor Saint Valentine’s Day with selfless love gear

Hugs and kisses welcome the Valentine season

Let’s strive to become helpful without a reason

Greeting the grieving, consoling victims of cruelty


Making merry in life, having fulfilled social duty

Lifting someone’s load by empowering lives

Flocking with friends and foes like bees in hives

Celebrating love with awakened responsibility


Oneness and unity brings moral superiority

Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 597, ( February 11 – 17,

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