Paint The New Year!

Paint the New Year

By Sikiladi

Brushing away the gloomy hues

Welcome the New Year with hopeful blues

The dark night falls on the old year

Placing a blanket on exasperation and fear

May you find all your dreams come true

And find Peace and Joy pills in whatever you do

Flush away the woes and worries in a hush

And paint the fresh Year with a happiness brush

Make your wishes for a healthy bargain

And happiness and unity among all God’s men

Forget old heartaches on the narrow road

Be prayerful and the Lord shall lighten your load

A new dawn breaks, The Horizon is here

Appreciate your loved ones and shower your care

The year wrapped to go was extraordinary

As Human race, you now welcome the more ordinary

Isolate all your regrets, anger and guilt

And balance your thoughts with a positivity stilt

Sanitize the mind and wipe off hatreds and dislikes

Revolutionize the attitude and do not criticize

Be charitable, Spread kindness and cheer

Drown the frustrations, with the happiness beer

Coat the sad darkness with the colors bright

And spread cheer with laughter to your delight

Newness so soothing the world shall gain

All illness of mind and body shall go down the drain

The better days are coming at the doorstep

The storm is just passing with its feeble steps

Your prayers shall be answered for you to rejoice

Step into the Fresh New Year, a blessing in disguise

Brighter skies of good health are on the way

The dreariness will be washed off in a sway

Sing with a smile; lift up your head high

The sun shall shine brighter in the 2021 sky

Pick up the paintbrush of brighter hues

Paint the New Year splashing away the bruise

The rainbow of new traits is here to stay

Forgiveness, prayerfulness & gratitude shall guide your way

6 thoughts on “Paint The New Year!

  1. Thank you Monica
    Your words have painted hope
    I cling to your words as a rope
    Sanitizing deeply the mind
    Distancing all labels I mind
    Washing away fear so unkind
    Peeling off old habits a rind
    Past, regrets turn the eye blind

    Yes rainbow hues indeed I find
    A better option I find so kind
    Such lightness in my own mind
    I need a friend like you to find
    Thank you dear friend so kind
    I will surely my click rewind
    A new year to my heart to bind


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