Ashoka Salad

Colorful Ashoka Salad

Fruits form a very refreshing taste and energize us. Most people consume fruits as deserts though it is good to eat fruits before the meals. Why not prepare your salad from fruits instead and enjoy the appetizing effects.

Ashoka was a peaceful emperor of India and this salad is inspired by his peaceful qualities. The way he saw equality in all, these fruits too mingle with an equality of taste.

A pleasantly colorful salad with a smooth texture and sweetness of fruits.


One green apple

A handful of purple grapes sliced

One pomegranate

One beetroot boiled and cubed

One cup of green gram sprouts blanched

2-3 slices pineapple chopped to bits

One cup thick yoghurt

A handful of walnuts

Salt, pepper and cumin powder to taste

A handful of blueberries

Ashoka Salad

Mix together all the fruits and sprouts except the blueberries.

Add seasoning of salt, pepper and cumin powder as per taste to the yogurt.

Pour over this yogurt mixture over the salad ingredients. The salad will turn to a pink tone.

Finally spread over some walnuts and blueberries to top the salad.

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