A Friend in need

Published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 517,( Jul 31 – Aug 06, 2020)

A friend in need is friend indeed

I grew up hearing this common phrase

Never knew the depth of simple words

Till I found the friend with all the grace

She understood me well inside out

With her around I am never in doubt

Always present in my time of need

A joyous moment or in time of grief

She is that person so special to me

Not my family yet more than family

She knows my whims and fancies

And never thinks I have gone crazy

In my pain she feels sorry for me

Gives me the comfort with utter glee

Sits me over to listen to silly me

Never saying that she isn’t free

I met several men and women

I could be calling them all to be friends

Yet, mere acquaintances they remain

For, none of them can be compared to her

I met her one fine day over a lunch

Chatted a bit and then met again and again

I never knew that too be a friendship hunch

Till we became known as a friendly bunch

She becomes a sister that I never had

She turned to be Guru that I had lacked

Her motherly instincts treat me with love

When she is there, things can’t go bad

We pour our feelings and express ourselves

In each other’s company there’s no suppress

She is not a relative, but relatively dear

In times of need she is my warm compress

Pulling each other when in gloom and despair

Gluing the wounded heart beyond compare

Being a friend in need as a friend indeed

A bond made by heavens, so precious rare

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