Jacky’s turns 50

Years passed, precious years

not one, two, three, four years

We have crossed over fifty years

With Golden experiences as memories

We surpassed Golden Jubilee years

A journey that started from India

making an Eastern destination foothold

Hong Kong was our unique stronghold

That made us take challenges and made us bold

Times, when you didn’t hear of virtual offices

We ran our office from a section of the home

We sacrificed, yes, we had no sitting room

Our living room was our own office

And we began business with blessings back then

Blessings of our Mother so divine in her form

And the grace of our Guru, Holiness in human form

Struggles were many but we were strong

Working hours were tiresome and long

We held on to our virtues in times trying

Maintained standards, created records with colors flying

We were taught to value the customers

And we still do, in all fairness

Ishwar Panjabi the enigma was our biggest visionary

For Jacky’s Group of Companies he was the force primary

Not just in Hong Kong was a scope he said

Across several shores his vision had spread

Helping many on the path, providing strength

He enabled many to a richer butter and bread

Branched out stems of the Jacky’s giant tree

In Dubai, Russia, Singapore he set base with glee

Bangladesh too did not escape his attention

For the Empire had to grow, in all unification

The African Continent too did not escape his eyes

Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and an effort in Rwanda

The Jacky’s name was gaining offices and stores

Yet humbled Jacky Panjabi holds the doors

The company that stretched further more

Withheld in all efforts crossing continents

Various lines of business and disciplines different

Electronics, photography, digital designs, consumer durables

Jacky’s has now educated itself into education

The ever changing world can shake no dreams

Desires new emerge, Jacky’s shall be the King

Jacky’s was the King, Jacky’s is the King

Jacky’s shall be the King…….

Be it Retail, Be it Distribution

Be it Business Solutions, Be it Home Appliances

Be it the trendy technology, Be it the gaming world

Be it food and gadgets, Be it Management guidance

Jacky’s is the name synonymous

To today’s fast moving world.


Mr. Jacky Panjabi speaks on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee

A Milestone in the Journey

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