Satiate Soulfully

Rainbow Salad

Raw vegetable salad

Ever thought of replacing your meal with a salad? Try it out.

This meal replacer is nutritious, vegan and full of chi energy to vitalize your cells. Feel lighter with renewed energy having this salad. It has a lot of colors that may cater to various health effects and give you a boost.

Raw vegetable salad:

Strips of red and green cabbage, beetroot, red and yellow pepper, carrots, butternut squash, mung sprouts and avocado slices with a mint coriander dressing.

For the dressing:

blend together in a grinder- a small bunch coriander, few sprigs mint leaves, green chilli, few dates, salt, lime juice and wee bit olive oil. I used some water to dilute the dressing.

Salad with the green dressing

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