Steak it out!

Sweet Potato Steak!

A sumptuous healthy Vegan meal to satiate the cravings on a Saturday afternoon.

A Simple and juicy meal with the garnish of shredded purple cabbage that adds the crunch to the smooth steak.

The steak:-Boil and mash the sweet potatoes. Add chopped spinach, green chilies, cumin powder, salt, paprika and any herbs of your choice.

Form into cutlet shape and pan toast them on low flame till a crispy layer forms on both sides of the crust.

The Sauce:-

Boil and remove skin from tomatoes. Grind them in a blender or mash them.

In a pan sauté chopped garlic and grated onion till pink. Add in the tomatoes and throw in thinly sliced red and yellow peppers, season as per taste and cook till semi dried.

The Serving:-

Serve in individual plates or on a platter : pour the warm sauce over the steaks and garnish with purple cabbage to add the crunch. Serve with a side of herbed cooked vegetables of choice.

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