Being Sindhi (2)

Being a Sindhi I am proud

Jhulelal I chant around

Whether or not ….

…..with a prayerful sound

Yet I choose to turn a blind eye

To the other Sindhis all around

There are those on the other shore

For whom life’s become a constant chore

In misery and pain they breath

For religion’s sake they take a beat

Whipped and stoned,

shamed and tamed

Forced they are to chant Allah

Instead of Ram’s Holy name

And I, the proud Sindhi do nothing

And carry out with my selfish games

Living in comfort and luxury

I care not for their misery

It’s boring to read news about them

It’s a waste to watch videos of them

For, do I care about their suffering?

I am happy to place for God my offering

When God’s creation wilt away like flowers

plucked from their source…..

… be placed elsewhere

They may be Hindus like you and me

But, that doesn’t really bother me

Jhulelal will come and save them

Like he did our ancestors

Why should I waste my energy?

Why should I waste my time precious?

It gives me absolutely no benefit

Those Hindus and Sindhis in my Sindh

Are they made to be wasted like hyacinth?

Tortured, abused, raped, converted

For they committed a very big sin…

….by not being born of certain religion

Cursed day and night by the mighty men

In a country where faith is given a run

pointing fingers and hooking on the gun

by killing innocents their prayers are done


I give it no damn

For, I am a proud Sindhi under the sun

In my selfish manner I ignore all plea

I cut short to say I am helpless

But, the truth is I care no less

For I believe in myself

by praying, singing, chanting I become…

…. a proud Sindhi under the sun

Jhulelal shall forgive me for this run

I am shy to speak out my mind….

……or that is what I say

For, no one will listen to me, I say

But, the fact is I do not know what to say

as I feel not the pain of my brethren

I let them live their sojourn

Till death strikes a blow upon them

On their own land, they are traitors

For, they converted not from their religion

So what, if their houses get burnt?

So what, if their daughter face the brunt?

I am safe in various parts of the world

making no noise, sitting in my peace

I care not for them

A proud Sindhi I am under the sun

Killed for asking for his wages on 4th April 2020 during tough lockdown period of Covid 19
poverty and hunger leading to starvation

7 thoughts on “Being Sindhi (2)

      1. Keep it up. I have been reading your work for last few years. Your writing display lot of depth. I dont know which country you live in but it can take you places and you will go a long way. Try to work at a bigger platform where lot of people can read your good work. God bless you. Thanks.

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  1. You have said it all, Monica! Thank you for penning down on paper what most Sindhis do in the world.
    As my heart and your heart go out to our fellow Sindhis across the border, we pray that the conscience of more Sindhis all over the world, sitting in their comfort and abundance, is awakened by your poem.

    Liked by 1 person

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