They Shall Return

They shall return

The wise souls that left us today

shall return to earth one day

perhaps as the new Alpha Children


As the prodigal superior ones

They will take a reverse turn from death

and find back life on Mother Earth

through a womb, as a seed take birth


Should I say, they will return

to commence a new life cycle

For, life and death is a mere process

of consciousness presence or absence


They shall return

To balance their karmic cycle

to complete affairs left undone

to cherish their planet sojourn


to accept challenges in life’s new turn

with cell memories that never did burn

With an account balance of noble deeds

that may be promising on HIS spreadsheets


Each soul has their personal account

In the gates of heaven decisions are made

Swarag or Narak though seems man made

Each soul accounted at their own credit slate



Swarag is the name given to higher realms of Heaven.

Narak is the name given to lower dimensions called Hell.




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