2 thoughts on “Flaunt the Fire

  1. Have you gone through the new green crackers concept? I find it a good replacement to old crackers which do not take away the joy and thrill and reduce the toxic effects. But their market is poor.

    I also find it hypocritical that people want to curb the joy of Diwali crackers, Ganesh nimarjans, decors of Durga poojas, etc., In name of environment. The same people use aeroplanes for even travelling inside a state. Common, is that necessary? The aeroplanes, satellite debris in outer space, mining, wood cutting, electronics, etc etc are all environmentally toxic. Am I wrong? No one is ready to live sustainably for a while year. Instead they preach to stop the only joys derived via religious festivals. Seems odd. What you think?

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  2. I have heard about the green crackers but haven’t understood them much yet. I guess, that’s more so in India.
    I agree with you about the hypocrisy attached with not only this subject but with most Hindu festivals and it is a fact that all this is being done by a certain sect of the society.
    The world today has more intolerance and segment-ism than ever before sadly.


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