Shubh Deepawali

Published in The Asian Weekly Diwali Edition #479 (October 25th – 31st 2019)

Dazzle, sparkle and fanfare everywhere
Time to celebrate, look Diwali is here
This Indian Christmas festive cheer
Marked by all Indians far and near

Houses are cleaned as a thorough affair
Deep cleaning follows decorative glare
Courtyards and doorsteps all inviting
With colorful rangolis bright enchanting

Earthenware lamps lit up in each household
Oiled wicks Purifying the atmosphere manifold
Lined up patterns of the traditional diyas holy
Ushering the greetings of Shubh Deepawali

Prayers conducted to Goddess Laxmi in faith
To welcome an Year of good fortune its said
Lighting the oil lamps and chanting of prayers
Adorning with flowers and sweet meal wares

The phooljhadis and patakhas crackle around
The fireworks burst, Chaklis zig zag the ground
The dark night of the Kartik Amavasya turns bright
This Festival of Lights brings good fortune & delight

Greetings exchanged and gifts given and received
Friends and families rejoice bonding time conceived
Festive attire and dishes prepared in abundance
Haldi, Kumkum, Coconuts in spiritual semblance

Five days of the festive individual significance
Dhan Teras a commencement of financial year
Narak Chaturthi marks the devil’s end by the Lord
Diwali brings worship of Laxmi & Samudra Manthan

Goverdhan Puja follows in the sequence holy
Rejoicing Vishnuji’s triumph upon King Bali
Forgetting not Krishna’s feet mighty divine
Uplifting the mount and protecting the ravine

The loving bond of brothers and sisters huge
Celebrated on the final day called Bhai Dooj
Shubh Deepawali is not just the victory of truth
Ram’s return to Ayodhya a celebration absolute

From darkness to light one must moves ahead
Sharing love and compassion holding no regret
Spreading joy and cheer in Shubh Deepawali
Lighting up nooks & corners of hearts soulfully

by Sikiladi

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