It’s Birthday Time




It’s time to celebrate, for the special day in August has come

Having grown in perfection, a household name it’s become

It is young, it’s Nine and it is jolly good loved and thriving

The Birthday week has begun and the whole team is jiving


A journey of nine years underwent several changes

The Asian Weekly proved itself & covered all age ranges

From Hermina, Vikash, Hussein, Simon, Kamal, Caine & more

With time joined the wagon Dhruv, Ravneet, Javed to score


A journey of being called a paper, a mag & a paperzine

It has taken many pains covering all varieties of scene

Business, culture, sports, books, movies and a lot more

Kajal’s Health corner, Sehmi’s Fashion from all shore


A journey of overcoming all cast & creed, and skin types

It is Hindu, It is Muslim, It is Sikh, and it is Christian in all vibes

Leaving behind none, the Jews, Ismaili, and the Parsis

The Gujju, The Punju, The Sindhi, The Goan is all its tribe


A journey from being a new comer back in August 2010

It overlapped in circulation thousand fold from a 30,000

Increased readership, enhanced friendships & business

Covering events International and supporting ventures


A Journey from rising and falling and again lifting up its head

It left behind The Sunday in good spirit and tickled Airwaves

Kudos to this literally priceless community builder of sorts

With a free door to door delivery with no quality cut shorts


A Journey from the ordinary to becoming so special

Each community loves Asian Weekly for being impartial

Treating large and small groups always as an equal

Its publications have helped unite people to be social

by Sikiladi


Written for and published in The Asian Weekly, Edition 470 (Aug 23 – 29) 2019

To commemorate 9th Anniversary of TAW

9th birthday Edition 470

editorial 470

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