airplane emoji

O traveler of the air flight

Thy journey no longer a delight

Gone are days of travel luxury

Flying now is more a misery


Yet travel you must by air

Out of necessity not any flair

To reach places far and further

For precious time thy must gather


Follow protocols of travel rules

Travel light, be no burdened mules

Add extra hours to the flying time

Reach the airport much before time


Cross the first hurdle of traffic delays

Then enter the airport to security plays

Second hurdle of your car being searched

And then comes your physical search


From a luxury passenger of earlier age

You now walk into a voluntary cage

Have each baggage item scanned out

Loading unloading on the scanner stout


Standing at the queues for checking in

Reminding school days of discipline

Fretting for hours before the flight

Passing immigration without a fright


Depending on your departure site

You walk the mile to the gate site

Another queue at the boarding gate

Ensures you are early, better not late


Boredom awaits you at the seats

As you are ears to boarding tweets

God help you if your flight gets delayed

The boredom increases, anxiety read


Further waiting time inside the plane

Once boarding done pre take off lane

Squeeze thy way through narrow aisle

Hitting hand baggage as you move in style

hand luggage

Lifting up your weights like beasts of burden

Fitting stuff in the compartment overhead

Then the final moment comes real

The flight takes off, the journey is real


Praise your luck and thank Almighty

If the co passenger is happy and hearty

Accept the challenge of your grumpy neighbor

For all beings travel etiquette not so savor


Forget the comfort of your lounge couch

In the tight flight seat you must crouch

Stretch out and stand if you must

Knees do lock out and give you rust


With passing times and age of change

Seating capacity with increased range

Gifts you the tightest leg room possible

Air travel in comfort seems less feasible

airplane toilet

A sorry state at times at the loo

Squeeze your butt to enter through

Clean up and wipe up all around you

Co passengers could be unhygienic few


The final moment then please you

The flight lands at a destination new

The waiting, the queues begin once again

Arrivals and customs clearing to be done


O traveler you are finally free from the cage

A sigh of relief from the chosen bondage

Breathe in the free spirited air once again

Till you decide to board a flight once again.

by Sikiladi




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