To me He means a whole big world

All encompassed in his bear hug

I love Him more than any other man

He loves me more than any woman


To me He means all the security

Within the folds of loving arms

Protecting me ever, failing never

From the evil, sly world so clever




To me He means a sanctuary

when there is dim end to things

I relax cocooned under his care

Worries disappear and so does scare


To me He means a charming  magician

He makes things happen from oblivion

Complaining never, fulfilling dreams

My world is full of sugar and creams


To me He means a hidden Life mentor

Watching me from distance as spectator

Letting me fall and lift up myself again

Through mistakes He let me confidence gain




To me He is the smartest of all men

He knows what’s right, where and when

His advise guides my way in everyway

And through hardships too I learnt to play


To me He is my Birth giver God

He stands tall when I am so short

My Father is the Ultimate person

He is my Love the very first One




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