I Wonder! — after the attack


by Sikiladi


The sight that wasn’t a sight

for it spoke of someone’s plight.

I wonder what their heart is made of

That in killing others they found delight.


It broke my heart to shreds

having witnessed blood stained carpets.

I wonder how the kitchen shall work

who will return to bake the cakes and breads.


The fragments of glass scattered

pierce the soul and leave it shattered.

I wondered when will they heal

they survived, yet, from within stay battered.


The doors now just the hollow frames

The glass broken by their vicious games.

I wonder how they do this act

that placed humanity to ultimate shames.


They scampered for help in fear

terrified they cried in silence without a tear.

I wonder how much can one bear

as they crouched hiding under Almighty’s care.


They came for some coffee & to grab a bite

on routine business in the January”s broad daylight

I wonder what ran through their minds

as the terrorist attack created a huge fright.


Their children in utmost anxiety awaited

unsure if their parent was safe in & gated.

I wonder if they felt their saliva go dry

glued to the live coverage with breathe abated.


Under torture was #14 Riverside Drive

the venue that once did in activity thrive.

I wonder when the buzz would be back

After the madly gruesome terror attack.


The musical notes were lost somewhere

A deafening silence rules the sad air.

I wonder if they would be at ease

returning to work on those very desks and chairs.












One thought on “I Wonder! — after the attack

  1. Where oh where is love?
    Our very fibre is it love?

    A mirror shattered can mend
    Not so a heart that is rent

    Carpets are moved and mended
    Who tends the heart unattended?

    The gaping doors like a stifled scream
    How do I cover that with just a screen

    The harmony is now discordant
    All the cacophony so abhorrent

    We had hoped it will not repeat
    Yet here it is back just in a beat

    All over the world these killings
    Do humans indeed have feelings

    Hope they say is neigh
    I beseech, pray and sigh

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