The Terror Attack of 15/01/19


The Terror Attack of 15th January 2019

by Sikiladi



The deafening silence took over

yet the ears were abuzz with the noise


They shut themselves and took cover

discarding inhibitions and all that poise


The place was raided within moments

In days to follow the memory torments


It was well past noon and the sun glared hot

And amidst the terror drama they were caught


The security guard protected well enough

but fell short as he got felled by the men rough


Bearing the brunt of wickedness theirs

He lost his life in an untimely time


Barely had he grieved his child’s demise

when death came to him in that moment precise


He wished he could have restricted them all

and saved the over dozen that death did call

Bombarding with grenades and gun shots in dozens

Many lost their children, spouses and cousins


Nairobi was struck by panic once again

The Westgate Terror had visited us once again


The venue happened to be #14 Riverside Drive

The affluent location of Dusit D2 that was alive


Trufosa had tried her best to escape the roughs

She beheld her breath and swallowed her coughs


Knowing not if she would see her dear ones again

She had no time left to even think or cry in pain


The hotel must be saved and guests kept safe

Was a dear mission to all those who braved


Erik must have been planning the course of next meal

When he got caught by their gaze and could serve no meal


They came pouring in, squeezing their way

The armed security forces and the brave men


They came to help even as civilians if they could

The media shared vigilance and their intelligence


Some hid under their desks holding their breathes

A gush of sigh so cold as no sound should go high


For the fear was imminent, silence so crucial

they had witnessed the unfolding of fate gruesome


A colleague who was shot on the shoulder or the thigh

Or a pal who lay fallen, all bloodied gaping towards the sky


The noises came from different corners as they ran

some tried to flee but the stairs turned a scare


The world had seemed to come to an untimely end

For those who were stuck in some awkwardly bend


He hid in the air-condition vent with his mates

and witnessed the scene as the security came


A tie fallen here, a handbag fallen there with no care

the stained floors and walls and the chairs all bare


His heart cried out seeing his friend dead lying curled

Oh! Almighty what sense does it make to them

To strike us with terror holding their guns

The day will be etched in memories long to come


But Victorious we shall stand United as One

The Kenyan community of Good Wishing folks


Who braved it all and survived the massacre

They shall turn out stronger than ever before


The Terror shall never let us go ever so low

As a Nation we shall lift up our necks in pride


And be patriotic in unison come what may

The day shall come soon, not so far


When in shame they shall lower their heads

And be ousted from Kenya for a Goodbye.

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