My dear Dad!

My dear Dad!

He came in my dream last night

Firm and sturdy standing upright

His form hadn’t changed a bit

from those days when He had lived

He knew I miss him is what he said

He knew I was lonely in my staid

my spouse had travelled to a far land

He cares for me to this date

hence he came to entertain

I was happy to see him as he came

I wanted to hug him once again

But He could not be hugged by my arms

He was there, yet, he wasn’t there

He appeared to be just some thin air

My father, my dad, my Superman

His fragrance was left behind in the air

I felt it, yes it was his Kouros Cologne

His divine sweet smile lingers on

In my memory as I weep on

I miss you! I miss you! my dear Dad

I wish the dream had lasted a bit long

There are yet many things left unsaid

two dozen years have parted us both

I wish you were here to see the growth

your children and grandkids all grown up

young men and women of your lineage

They reflect in society your strong image

Yet, none as mighty as you were once

For men like you come only once

and leave their mark in this world

I now await for a sequel to my dream

I wish to give out my happy scream

I wish to see you tease me no end

by holding in your hands Vanilla Ice cream

I swear, I won’t fight with you again

I shall let you have ice cream again and again

For you are beyond getting diabetes

In your world there’s only peace

Do visit me sometimes time and again

It gives me solace and brings me a grin

I have a lot to share with you Dad

So many notes to exchange of good and bad

I need your advice to guide my path

And simply have a cup of tea with you

With rusks and toasts to be dunked in it

and listen to your tales of your time spent

To lift up my spirit that is getting bent

I miss you! I miss you! my dear Dad.


7 thoughts on “My dear Dad!

  1. Beautiful…it seems like a reality as though they are always with us and looking upon us ,watching us at every step,knowing how much we miss them every single day…Beautifully expressed sis..They are and shall always remain with us.

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  2. Dads are so special
    They leave a fragrance, a mark upon our inner minds. They linger on when they are gone. And that is what we savour, no matter how old. Memories of dads never fade.
    You have made my memories come alive. Thank you Monica.

    Liked by 1 person

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