The Bond stronger than super glue

Along with emotions that dropped a clue

She is mine, she is Divine!

She is an Angel!

She is all that is me and mine!

She was born bearing the seed…

the seed that is now me……

women are amazing

Maa! Mother! Mama! Ammi! Amma!

She came to the world withholding me

within the wraps of her infant frame

The foetus that brought forth a self same

Amazing is Almighty’s beauteous game

Each mother bears a foetus so same


The ownership and belonging that stretches far

From grandma the seedling evolves at par…

The lineage of the whole came in small part

And made me the woman on the earth chart

that grew up to emulate the mother….

and her mother in the process….

And I give birth to my daughter….

who carries within her tiny frame….

A daughter who continues the chain

mother's hug

Yet they look forward for bearing sons

A misconception of the legacy game

Many women have faced the blame

Of giving birth to daughters – Oh! the angels tame!

Wake up Oh! cruel wicked world….

of Asian descent where injustice reigns

against the women who bear no sons


The womb is connected from strength to strength

The bond gets thicker as the day ends

The loss gets bigger as the seed pot – the mother ….

leaves the world and gives life a bend

The fruit is plucked and separated from its root

becoming a root to bear more fruits.



Photo Credits: Google Images



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