New Reiki Healers (A healer’s dairy)

They came sitting on the excitement chair
Freedom right under their teacher’s care
Jumping out of their buses slightly unsure
They wondered what the day had in store
Lining up to instructions by the LHSG
They walked in batches in a single file
Having relieved themselves in the cold weather
They exited the toilets and walked upstairs
Greeted to pleasant notes by the LHSG ladies
They had the bananas and juice that refreshed them
And now it was time for the discipline art
They stood together but separated as per their class
Grade 2′ walked in first and took the front seats
Followed by grade 3 and then so on they came
The lesson began when in chairs all had sat
The teacher was great and learning was fun
They grasped the reiki knowledge within a turn
Having understood their chakras- the energy points
Placing hands on the right chakras turn by turn
They displayed their knowledge was indeed fun
Getting attuned to them was now a new game
In gushes within them the healing energy came
They healed themselves at various parts
Some aches disappeared, some pains were gone
Some little ones got tired pretty fast
But with the flow of event they went past
The lunchtime was good as hunger was gone
They relished the beans and breads and rice along
The teachers too then got a little break
And commenced the session as practice began
The brand new healers emerged all in a room
They practiced the Reiki art on each other
And for the world they had no bother
They left back to base with a packet of milk
And a gift pack each in their hands like silk
Gratitude is just a simple word
As LHSG did a seva yet again
Ram Mandir in Nairobi was the place
Where it all happened in the month of June
The world is empowered with many more healers
And for Mukuru slums there’s abundance of healers

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