Bosom And The Womb

mother's hug

A bond so firm yet gentle,
The bond of the bosom and the womb…
That connects the mother to the child.

Inexpressible by any words of worth
Unexplainable by any stretch of thought
This bond of child’s birth and parent’s death.

A joy unfolds at her giving a birth….
A sorrow emerges at her death….
The pain and pleasure with a common sense
A sense of motherhood and childhood.

Very distant yet so very closely knit
This bond of the bosom and the womb
Thy journey from birth to childhood
And further on to thy zesty youth

Witnessed with prideful fondness of thy mum
Who nurtured you till the state of youth
And guided you to and through your adulthood

Making the Man or Woman that thou are
Extending her threshold of life growing apart
Exiting the stage in bits and pieces
Of life’s agonies and illness slices
She departs thereon leaving thou
To face the challenges that once she did

It hurts! It hurts! It really hurts!
The bond of the bosom and the womb

That gave thou innocent times of joy
And endless stories of stars and sky
That brought you to light from her womb
That fed you by her body fluid so pure white
That gave you birth through her blood
That bosom that sunk you in a big hug

The loss! The vacuum! The tragedy of losing her
The battle that was fought bravely till death

The bond of the bosom and the womb
Stays behind till times endless
The mother is a gift of God so priceless

The cord that was cut at thy birth
Was only cut in physicality
But the bond of the cord is never cut
By a mother’s pure ,serene, spirituality
The bond of the bosom and the womb
Is mightier than the mightiest tomb

It strikes a chord of music within
The very word Mama, Maa or Amma
Love thy mom while she’s there
Prior to the ultimate eventuality

For no one like her can ever be
That forms the bond of synchronicity
Between the cycle of birth and death
Let life never have the love dearth

The bond of the bosom and the womb
Extends its arms beyond the hair and comb
Laying her to rest bidding farewell
Placing the wreath or at the hearse
The heart palpitates, the fluid on cheeks
Flows out an outpouring of emotions

The Loss! The Loss! A terrible Loss
Even though thou mothered thy mum
In times trying as she slowly sunk.

mum and baby design



A tribute to my dear friend!
Ulveena the daughter of Khaleda the strong
And a fighter till her very extreme end
A loser never, a level headed woman
Breathed her last on 28/02/18
Leaving behind her precious gems
Ra’ana, Ra’afa and Re’em.





4 thoughts on “Bosom And The Womb

  1. The umbilical feeds
    It nourishes and again
    It grows for the next
    Child to nourish and
    Waste taken away
    Nurturing cleansing
    Before birth and after
    It never ceases ever
    MAMTA a force to
    None other than God
    Blessed be all mums.
    Thank you Monica’s magic pen

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