Acting like high peaked mountains
Almighty’s white and grey curtains
Sometimes triangular,
Sometimes rectangular
And at rare times circular

Standing mighty above our head
Water becomes their butter ‘n’ bread
Fed by the steam
Is their moisture cream
Along with vaporizer dream

Forming shapes of fairies and ghosts
Or horses with wings and fish with floats
Sometimes enchanting
Sometimes haunting
And at times simply play acting

Narrating stories drawn on the sky
Teaching little kids to become their spy
Enacting the Gods
They call the shots
Roaring thunders and raining water dots

Dark and dense on moonless nights
Pleasing white lights they give delights
Sometimes bright
Sometimes twilight
At dawn and dusk they break the light

Acting like high peaked mountains
Almighty’s white and grey curtains
Fluffy like cotton
We glimpse their bottom
Blessed is their rain filled sputum

Hiding away the glorious moonlight
Protective layer filters the sunlight
Sometimes a kite
Sometimes a fight
They witness events in all their flight

—————————————————————————————————————————————–IN THE MEDIA: 

Published as Poem of the Month : December 2017 in The Asian weekly Edition 380 ( Dec 01 -07, 2017) 






2 thoughts on “ALMIGHTY’S CURTAINS

  1. Dear Monica
    I love your gaze up into the sky
    Dancing with cumulus nimbus
    And white fluffy clouds
    How blessed are you to connect with Nature.
    It is the child within you
    The Stories clouds tell andbthe forms that form and inform
    A fantasy forever available to see

    Liked by 1 person

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