The strangeness fortified

Our habitats all toxified

The potbellied man walks ahead with his loads

On the awesomely crooked potholed roads

We could do with reducing the bulge from his affair

Balance out by adding that size of bulge elsewhere


The smoke and smog causing illness

The gaseous nature causing distress

Being cured by yet another gaseous element

With the combined hydrogen and oxygen segment

A pollution that occurred by the air

Is now to be treated by another air


The noxious pollutants rising all around

Choking and breathlessness on the ground

Nitrogenous waste and sulphur dioxide pair

Combination of smoke that fills the air

The heavy, ugly  and dark chemical fumes

Photochemical haze appearing like sand dunes


Mankind is climbing the illness stair

Having ignored his environment’s care

He realizes not that he has no part spare

The end to his wellness he doth prepare

Creating missiles and ammunitions under safety guise

Causing calamities untimely only to later despise


Luxurious comforts of his earthly life

Loss of activity and a digital lazy strife

The rape and abuse of resources upscale

Degradation of humanness on the humanity scale

Terror and politics that strive to rule beings

Killing ambitions of simple childhood dreams


Uncommon becoming simple life and death

The cancers, corruption and wickedness hath

Abusive is becoming the saintly pure mind

Polluted is becoming the mind of mankind

Warfare and terrorism becoming mainstream

Corruption and hatred have taken the cream


Disguised are relationships by motives

Perfection giving credit to web additives

Lost is the simplicity of kids’ innocent charm

Toddlers play games on phones that harm

Busy is parenthood in more than livelihood

Busier young generation to brandhood


The strangeness fortified

Our habits all toxified

The necessities have graduated from luxury life

Luxuries have up scaled their standard strife

Pollute the environment at future’s expense

We live a life of lies and fake pretence.


One thought on “HABITS TOXIFIED

  1. Monica you have made us aware that
    Th the earth generous in giving
    Although we go on thieving
    Striving not for what is right
    Fighting only for our might
    Time to change this minute
    To begin and start giving
    An example of sheer giving
    So we can do from our being
    We can go back to a world
    Where there is no pollution
    Air fresh air no hallucination

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