PARYUSHAN PARVA : The Festival of Forgiveness

The sanctity of the period divine

With fasting and forgiveness prime

Comes the Jain festival significant

Commandments of faith so diligent

Paryushan Parv in Ashvin month

With incantation voicing forgiveness

Micchami Dukkhadam or Kshamavani

For all the hurt caused and absolvence

A near ten day long strict observance

Survival on water and air on Mother Earth

The ritualistic simplistic selflessness

With a higher purity and auspiciousness

Worshippers of the great Lord Mahavir

The Digambars and the Shvetambars

Fervent in their faith with steadfastness

Pardon each other in condonance

The young and the old with equal acceptance

In respect and love a purging balance

Making amends for regrets of the past and present

Offenses occurred in action, thought or word accent

Known and unknown misbehaviors forgotten

One Love for all alike begotten


In The Media:

Published in the Diwali Coffee Table Book Edition 2017 of The Asian Weekly 


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