EASTER : When Lent Ends

Easter dates back to the calendar ancient

The word of origin in the name that’s Saxon

Eastra being the Goddess of Spring

Symbolic of the life new giving

Honoring the sacrifice of Jesus the Lord

And his resurrection and emergence broad

Rebirth and renewal it is all looked upon

Christ’s crucifixion and awakening upon

The day being termed as a Moveable Feast

Conclusion of fasting period of Lent brings this treat

Celebrations begin for this most important day

On the Christian Calendar, the Easter Sunday

Candles lit in Churches on the Eve of the day

The midnight of the Eve as significant as the day

Easter Eggs are given and relished by faithful

He rose from the dead, The All Merciful

Blessing alike the prayerful and the sinful



Published in THE ASIAN WEEKLY Coffee Table Book “DIWALI & Beyond” 2017


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