ONAM – Welcoming Mahabali


Kerala bursts alive with a bright sight

Whence comes the auspicious light

Commemorating the home coming

Of legendary emperor the great Mahabali

This harvest festival of the Malayalis

In or outside of their native Kerala bliss

Observed with various festivities unique

Racing of boats and floral appliqués

Dancing to the tiger steps and martial arts

Thumbi Thullal and Kummati Kali mask arts

Costumes enthralling and native Onavillu

All forming part for the Malayali Hindu

Onam looked up as the New Year’s Day

In Kerala it being a state Holiday

Honouring the Divine incarnation Vamana Avatar

A significant manifestation of Vishnu Bhagwan

In the Chingham month of Malayalam

Comes a festival with traditional Onapottan

The ten-day long vibrant festival

Culminating on the day of Thirovanum

Gathering blossoms of various hues

To adorn a floral carpet of Pookkalam

Earthen mounds forming pyramids

Of endemic flowers of Dashapushpum




In The Media:

Published in the Coffee Table Book: “Diwali and Beyond” 2017 by The Asian Weekly :


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