CHRISTMAS : Celebrating the birth of Christ


December’s unique celebration

Hearts full of worship and jubilation

A family time for the entire clan

Their celebratory customs need a plan

Involving heightened economic activity

Christmas celebrated as per one’s Nativity

The songs pre-Christmas get played plenty

Origins of customs and themed music gaiety

The bringing in of the Christmas Tree

Adornment with mistletoe, garland and Holly

Commemoration of the birth of the Child Divine

Born in Bethlehem to Joseph and the Virgin Mary

The twelve days of Christmas and Caroling popular

Lighting the Christingle and humming the jingles

A gifting galore alongside lights and ornaments

Concentric assortment of leaves evergreen

Traditional colors of red, gold and green

Characteristic songs unique from the middle Ages

The Yule Logs famous and Turkey with sages

The giving of greeting cards to Biblical messages

The Romans and Pagans passed on through generations

A worldwide Holiday marking the auspiciousness

Communal Mass in each Cathedral and Church

Midnight prayers on the Eve and preparedness

The ringing of the bell comforting

To Jesus the Lord is  all worshipping



In The Media:

Published in the Coffee Table Book- “Diwali and Beyond” 2017 by  “The Asian Weekly”:












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