Diwali Celebration

Every once in a year celebration

Hearts filled with jubilation

Do away with the things unwanted

Clean up the homes and offices

That desk at school or the office

The wardrobes and the hidden corners

Lift up the beds and push the bench

Trim up the lawn and manicure the fence

Wash that rustic cloth wall hanging

Polish the silvers and glaze the glass painting

With a dash of vinegar brighten the tea set

Door handles and lamps now shine their brass

Sparkling your drinks with relishing class

A bed spread so new now on the bed

Add a new cushion or duvet floral grand

The flower pots and vases in fragrant hues

Curtains washed fresh or in prints some new

The mithais, farsan and nankhatais prepared

The juices and sodas and whisky all paired

The lamps of shapes and sizes purchased

New books of accounts also arranged

Gold jewelry and silver coins fared cared

Sarees, suits, lehngas and jhumkas adorned

Wrists full of bangles chiming like birds

That new shirt and trouser for Puja is made

Or if you like a kurta pajama with a stole

The kitchen is gifted with a utensil new

And gifts are given to the chosen few

Diwali a time for visiting near and dear

Lighting up the hearts with festive gear

Diwali Balls all around fare party mood

No one must sulk sad or sit to brood

Jovial atmosphere spread all around

With Diwali lights is lit all ground

Seeking blessings from elders and parents grand

Paying obeisance to the deity at temple planned

Laxmi the goddess of love, mercy and wealth

Worshipped with fervor in each household

Ganesha the obstacle remover Lord God

Is invoked for his blessings in prayer abound

Hugging and greeting each other comrades

Play games of cards holding diamonds and spades

A multi activity this festival of Hindus

Brings business boom also to non Hindus







One thought on “Diwali Celebration

  1. Indeed let the light of Diwali
    Shine on us all over the word
    Let it shine on Kenyans too
    As we prepare to govern anew
    Old grudges and faults aside
    We shall all together stride
    A new Kenya with blessings
    Energy for new constitution
    Laxmi and Ganesh shine on

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